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Dolce & Gabba: Light Blue (W) - 1/3 oz.

Dolce & Gabba: Light Blue (W) - 1/3 oz.

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Launched in 2001, Light Blue by the legendary Dolce and Gabbana is a light and feminine fragrance that is like a breath of fresh air from the blue sky. It combines the crisp scent of granny smith apples with the soft floral scents of white rose and bluebells and sharp woodsy scents of bamboo Sicilian cedar and cedarwood, and the exotic scents of jasmine, amber and musk. It is a perfect scent for the modern woman who is looking for a fragrance that is crisp and fresh with softer notes. The airy, light scent makes a great perfume for the day.

Light Blue has top notes of crisp granny smith apple, aromatic Sicilian cedar and soft bluebells. It has heart notes of jasmine, romantic white rose, and bamboo. It finishes with exotic base notes of amber, musk and cedarwood.


This product is in no way related to the original manufacturer. This is a rendition. These are oils.

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