Moorish Bathroom Set -My latest Innovation Prophet Noble Drew Ali

According to Les Brown a motivational speaker that I listen to everyday, He said " The cemetery is the richest place on earth because so many people had ideas, had a vision, had an invention in mind for fear but never executed them." I tend to agree with his assertion. You see in life, God/Allah has given us unique gifts and talents, but we are afraid to execute them, take action, self develop to bring to ideas to fruition. Do not do that to yourself. Whatever idea you have, it is never foolish. Never let people opinions or criticism or conspiracy stop you. Just do it. Do not allow FEAR to stop you  The Moorish Bathroom Set is my latest innovation/invention. Whenever an idea comes to mind, a product comes to mind, I run to the internet and google that idea or product an if no one has done it, i jump at it. Having the idea, talking about it are all good but until you convert those ideas, those dreams to actual use for human consumption, it is baseless. Even if there is an existing product that you can modify and introduce I say do it. 

My mentor, my Sister, my Confidante saw some of my latest invention, I call them ideas that came to mind and no one had taken action, I took action. She admired what I shared on my Facebook page and we begin to brain storm. She is one of those people with a great heart. She wants everyone to be successful like her. She introduced the Moorish Temple to me. She is a leader in the church. As we talked, I got on my laptop and began to research her faith. While researching, reading, about Prophet Noble Drew Ali, I begin to think about ways that I could awaken a product or some service for her Temple. Viola, this idea came along with the Duvet Cover Sets. As soon as I shared the Idea with her Mrs. Jessie Bey Price of Missouri, she ran with it and shared within her community of faith and orders are not coming . I am grateful to her and her community for supporting this process. I have linked information all about the Moorish Faith, its beliefs and you can read. I will also be doing a YouTube Video on Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Enjoy the read and watch out for your YouTube Video.